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Big patent projects frequently involve an initial screening of hundreds of patents to determine if the claims are relevant. This work is mind-numbing, which can lead to errors.

Once the relevant patents are found, each claims series needs to be examined in detail - another tedious task.

Not looking forward to these big projects? Then make them easier with Patent Matrix® Diagrams.

Patent Matrix® Diagrams are easy to use. Just click on one of the diagrams below. You’ll see the preamble of the independent claims. Click on one of the preambles and watch it expand to show the claims components (red boxes) and the dependent claims (black boxes). Dependent claims outlined in bold black boxes have more dependents beneath them. Click on the preamble again to collapse the series.

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Systems and methods for automated extraction of closed captions in real time or near real-time and tagging of streaming data for advertisements
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1. A method for finding and accessing desired content from audio and video content sources, the method steps comprising: (10) (12)

16. A system for extracting captions in near real-time, comprising: (1) (8)

18. A method for extracting voice broadcasts, the method steps comprising: (0) (13)

19. A method for managing communication through mass media, the method steps comprising: (0) (8)

20. A method for preventing invalid captions from being submitted to a closed caption database, the method steps comprising: (0) (4)

21. A method for extracting complete captions from fragmented audio captions, the method steps comprising: (0) (6)

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Don’t get lost in the claims again. Use Patent Matrix® Diagrams. Can it be any easier?

Innovation needs patent protection to attract funding for product development and commercialization. Businesses derive competitive advantage through innovative products as well as by licensing patented technology to others. Managing a portfolio of Intellectual Property Assets is becoming a key role in many companies. Unfortunately, the surge in patent activity and patent complexity makes it much more difficult to understand and communicate the value of your patent property.

Screening - Screen patents faster - Screening thousands of patents for claims coverage can be mind-numbing.

1. Don’t get lost in the claims – Reviewing many patents Patents can have a large number of claims. Practitioners can have to look at multiple patents. Multiple patents x multiple claims = lots of claims to get lost in. Have you been looking at too many claims? Do you sometimes have to dig through a mound of claims to reconfirm your opinion?

2. Don’t get confused about what is really covered by the claims.