What We Do - Overview

Neopatents is rooted in the idea that the more comprehensive and dynamic a map is, the better it allows you to see roadblocks and delays en route to your destination. We apply more than just intelligent searching to the realm of intellectual property; we account for context and relevance to ensure that our patent analysis is complete and provides the needed answers.

JiNan Glasgow, a patent attorney, former patent examiner and inventor, founded Neopatents. Seeking to overcome the shortcomings of patent searches and claims analysis—and software products that offered incomplete searching capabilities—Glasgow formed a team of software engineers and patent experts to create a patented technology and proprietary methodology for in-depth patent research, analysis and reports.

Neopatents today offers four standard services that generate in-depth analysis and contextual datasets to enable IP legal firms, corporations, venture capital firms, and universities to make strategic, informed decisions around patents and intellectual property. These services are:

In addition, we offer custom services to meet our clients' needs.