What We Do - Services

Whereas other patent search services provide data, we provide actionable answers.

Neopatents saves time and money through the delivery of high-quality research results. Each report begins with an executive view of critical findings followed by supporting data for drill down and further analysis. Neopatents offers the flexibility you require for your unique business and IP-related needs, with standard and custom services available by subscription or on a project-by-project basis.

Competitive and Industry Landscapes
Support the positioning of your IP assets, both relative to your internal patent portfolio and the overall competitive universe. Neopatents' Landscapes enable you to understand industry trends, recognize opportunities and threats, and identify acquisition targets, potential partnerships and investment opportunities.

Product and Portfolio Mapping
Evaluate the alignment of your IP position relative to your business strategy and product offerings. Identify which IP to retain and commercialize, and which to sell or abandon. Neopatents' Mappings can provide vital support for negotiations and valuations for partnerships and acquisitions.

Patent Mining & Monetization
Search your internal portfolio and identify the IP to commercialize, or what to sell or license. We also help identify assets for acquisition and licensing, or to counter assert in litigation.

Patentability, Validity and Freedom to Operate
Streamline the due diligence process with IP validation and FTO. Neopatents' analysis improves patent quality and claims coverage through a better understanding of prior art. We evaluate products and processes to understand freedom to operate and identify risks. We preempt misjudgments and affirm solid investments.